DBT for families and older adolescents

Providing therapy for life’s challenges

DBT therapy for families and older adolescents

Providing DBT therapy for life’s challenges

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We will work together to Create a Healthier Family

I see clients in person in Oakland and can see clients virtually from anywhere in California.

I work with you to learn skills for a more regulated, intentional and authentic self. My approach to therapy is based on empathy, humor, and finding a balance between acceptance and change.

What I Provide

My therapy services can help you, whether you're working through a difficult time or feel like you've been stuck in a rut. I use three main paths toward increased family harmony, namely:

  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Courses
  • DBT for families
  • DBT for children (with families involvment) or individual therapy for older adolescents

Sessions are provided in person in a non-ADA-compliant building with street parking. Virtual sessions, on zoom, are on a case by case basis with clients located anywhere in California.

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I am here

To help families and older adolescents  communicate authentically, regulate emotions more effectively and tolerate distress without making things worse.

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Get in touch with me to schedule one free 15-minute consultation. During the consultation we can discuss if we are a good fit for therapy.